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The Iban tribe of the island of Borneo, once known for being fearsome head-hunters, have a unique and rich culture with ancient traditions.

Dr Erik Jensen had dreamed of an encounter with the Iban tribe after seeing a faded sepia picture in an old geography book as a school boy in England. It was in 1959 when, at the age of 26, he boarded an ocean liner at the port of London bound for South East Asia.

He had set out to do research into Iban culture and Religion and ended up staying for seven years, learning their language and forming a special bond, eventually becoming known as Tuan Ragum, “the Lord with a beard”.

It was during this time that an uprising threatened to destabilise the region and Erik volunteered to travel to the remote and hostile Lemanak river to set up an innovative and much needed development scheme which would have a lasting impact on the lives of the Iban in that area and far beyond.

Now we follow Erik as he returns to the jungles of Borneo fifty years later to find out about the legacy of his work, and to discover how the Iban are faring in the twenty first century. Is it possible for the unique culture that he came to love so well to be preserved in times of such rapid global change?